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Intelligent Drives

Compact, high power-density motion control programmable drives packed on a tiny area. Flexible, modular solutions: vertically or horizontally pluggable cards, open-frame PCBs that can be integrated onto the user’s motherboard, or protected by metal casings and provided with retractable connectors.

Intelligent Motors

The iMOT line of intelligent motors – brushless / steppers – embeds all basic motion control functions inside the motor itself, together with basic local digital and analog I/O signals. Cost effective, compact solutions particularly adapted to integrated intelligence or distributed motion control applications.


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video1-robotTechnosoft drives are high perform­ance, cost effective motion control products with embedded intelligence for use on the Original Equip­ment Manufacturer...
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video5-team Technosoft has pioneered the intelligent drive as a cost-effective solution in many motion control applications. Embedding a motion controller and a...
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catalog Download our Product Catalog, featuring the newest intelligent drives and motors that Technosoft have launched. Version: May 2015 (14.6 MB)
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video3-bionic Hugh Herr presents: "The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance". Well, Technosoft drives are part of this miracle! Listen to the fascinating...


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